Monday, June 4, 2012

En route to Mombasa

Off to a good start with the long weekend - some nice UN security guards called me a taxi whose driver decided he’s going to charge me only 2/3 of the tariff (yeah this one actually had a price list). Sounds good I said. Why argue when I’m already getting a sweet deal.

An hour later I check in at the smallest terminal ever! (doubtful, but let’s go with it) In about 10 minutes I made it through 2 security screenings of questionable quality (and apparently, allowed to carry any liquids I want), check in, toilet and airport bar (espresso only as people at airports seem incapable of grasping the idea of keeping beer in closed fridges).

I take a seat at my non-existent gate (just a sign indicating boarding direction for Fly540) and stare out the window. People come and go through the door walking straight on the tarmac. A plane is parked about 20 meters away from the door and people just walk on. Which isn’t ideal by any standard coz there ain’t no driving rules at JIKA – if you can make it through, the road is yours.

Eventually, a man yelled “Mombasa” (it was more of raising his voice than actual yelling, but that’s just details) and I figured that must be my flight. He walked me out the door and pointed at my plane. “That one over there”. Gave me the aircraft health documentation to hand to whoever I’d like at the plane…. TIA? Down the runway, up the stairs, 10F – well now, there’s no row F, so why not have a seat wherever. Yes!

Kenya turned out to be quite interesting and beautiful from the top. Someone definitely knew how to paint.

IMG_9991The shadow of my plane


IMG_0005The red soil

IMG_0003Probably as close as I would ever get to Mt Kilimanjaro.

Palm trees. Karibu Mombasa!

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  1. Lilly, you are describing the same "terminal" experience I had in Odessa :D