Saturday, May 26, 2012


I think this might be one of those posts that I will continuously updated with the fascinating randomness of Kenya. 

Earlier today, I was looking at some postcards (not gonna name the people that are making me go through all this trouble). Surprisingly, disturbingly, curiously, not even sure what the appropriate word might be, the majority of post cards were of two varieties: (1) animal sex or (2) asses. And yes, by sex I mean one elephant mounting another, male elephant genitalia explicitly visible (wide variety of animals, so you can take your pick). Or, more interestingly, three zebras taken from behind - all you can see is three zebra asses. That is it! Pretty zoomed in with nothing else to distract you in the composition. There were other animal pictures of course, but those made me wonder… if they are being sold and there’s a large variety of them, then someone must be buying them. Now, who might that be? And more importantly, why on earth?

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  1. хахаха, Лили :)))) кой те муфти за картички бе?!?! вземи му такива ;) аз те муфтя за магнитче с маймунски задник :DDD