Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 2–A birds-eye view

Time to venture outside the Gigiri area and go to the heart of the city. Or basically go see a bunch of administrative buildings Smile 

IMG_9958Kenyatta International Conference Center

Went to the top of the tower and took some great pictures of the city. Random person working at the Conference Center gave me a personalized tour telling me what things are. Kind of awesome since, as you can probably guess, there were no signs or information boards on top of the tower. You take the elevator, the first set of stairs, then a winding set of stairs and you just end up on top of the tower, no rails, no cover.

IMG_9934The South – “The Big Ben is the Parliament”

IMG_9936A crazy white person on top of the tower

IMG_9932Kenya National Park in the distance

IMG_9940The weekend Masaai market

IMG_9941Aruni road – the busiest street in Nairobi


SmileSmileSmileCould not believe it! But saw it several more times! I think that person is angrily looking at me. All travel tips advise to ask permission before taking pictures of people. It’s his own fault he ended up in my shot.


  1. The "TOTO 6/49" is so so fun :) Wondering if this piece of metal has been smuggled from the USSR or BG :D Your mission is to find that out ;-)