Sunday, May 13, 2012


My guesthouse has a spa/salon with four women working there. Rarely busy and possibly quite entertained by my foolishness and lack of knowledge about anything Kenyan, they are great to pick their brains about Nairobi. Arranged a taxi for me, told me where to go, what street not to cross to stay safe, they are absolutely amazing and extremely friendly.

Speaking of friendly, today a woman walked with me down the street for 5 minutes so I don’t have to walk alone. I was either somewhere I was not supposed to be alone, or she was just taking things out of proportion. Either way, apparently I look like her American daughter-in-law and we should hang out when I’m downtown. She even gave me her phone number. I can’t remember the last time, if ever, I walked down the street and thought of talking to anyone or helping them out….

Anyhoo, my spa friends have been teaching me some Swahili, expanding my vocabulary from asante and jambo, to words like tree, flower and chair (no clue how these are gonna come up in a conversation, but…). Most importantly, I learnt how to say beer and honestly, that is an essential word in my vocabulary.

IMG_9968Finally back to 500 ml bottles of deliciousness

P.S. Apparently they also celebrate Mother’s Day today.

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