Saturday, May 12, 2012

Getting here

Finally in Nairobi! After more than twenty hours of flight time and various delays, I made it. Getting here at 11 PM is not the best time to see anything of this city. One thing’s for sure though - bad roads, no signs. It took about half an hour to get from the airport to the guesthouse, going on the new highway connecting Nairobi to northern Kenya, which is neither finished, nor easy to navigate. A closed road took us by surprise and sent us off winding through narrow, dusty roads. Resurfaced on the highway through a ditch.

Worst part of this little ordeal was in Boston, when my flight was delayed for over two hours because they loaded the wrong bags for the wrong flight…. London - delayed again…. Nairobi – no lights on the jet bridge… and that was just plain funny Smile


  1. Sounds like a real developing country experience! No lights on the jet bridge? And I thought my country was funny enough :))))

  2. Security reasons? or they just wanted you (the passengers) to stay quiet and look pretty (asleep)